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How to Join Delta Chi Xi 

For those interested in membership into Delta Chi Xi, we require all prospects to attend an interest meeting hosted by the chapter at their college or university. Current members of the organization will share the necessary information required to obtain membership through their chapter.


This includes learning about the programs and events they host, obtaining an application and details on how to apply, dates for intake, and the process for which they will select new members into the organization. Chapters will also specify the commitment it takes to become a member of Delta Chi Xi and the standard which we require all active members to uphold.


We strongly encourage prospects to attend events hosted by chapters of Delta Chi Xi, to experience the organization first hand. Upcoming events can be found on our website, or by contacting officers and advisors of our chapters.

The Joy of Brotherhood 💙💜🙌 ..._#Delta

Requirements for Membership

1. Students must be a declared dance major or minor at the university or college


2. Sophomore classification or above

(Freshman may apply the semester directly prior to sophomore year)


3. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above of on the 4.0 scale

(We are an Honors Society)

4. All applicants must attend an interest meeting or inquire directly to receive an application and submit it accordingly, along with a Professor's letter of recommendation.

5. Initiation Dues include: an official DCX t-shirt, tote bag, graduation cords, certificate of membership, handbook, and lapel pin. This also includes the membership fee for that semester.


6. Every approved applicant will receive notification by letter and must pay their dues, participate in the membership intake process and the induction ceremony to obtain membership.


Delta Chi Xi is an ambitious organization and with a growing legacy. 

If you are passionate about dance, love doing outreach in the community, and want be apart of a growing tradition and bond, JOIN US! 





Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to create a connection between passionate artists and educators of this art to merge talent and scholarship, and to establish a network among these individuals. We have a mission to inform and educate students about dance, and to challenge them to reach out to the world through their gift and ability to serve.


We strive to: create a well-rounded individual; to help someone fully understand the concept of dance as a physical embodiment of the whole self rather than solely a technical challenge to master; to challenge students to reach out in each of the components that make up the organization; and to connect an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Much love from the Delta chapter of Delt

Guidelines for New Chapters

To start a chapter of Delta Chi Xi on your campus, please contact the National Board to obtain a 'New Chapter Petition'We charter chapters during Fall & Spring semesters at any 4 year college or university with a Department of Dance.



We require a minimum of 5 students which meet our Membership Requirements to start a chapter, along with a faculty advisor to support the organization, which must be a Professor of the Dance Program.


1. Contact the National Board of Delta Chi Xi to obtain a New Chapter Petition.


2. Host an Interest Meeting for prospects to learn about the organization and apply for membership.


3. A National Board officer will work with your school directly to apply for affiliation, host your intake, and complete your charter.

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