Jeffrey Page                 DanCe fluX 2015 Guest Artist

Jeffrey Page is the winner of the 2011 MTV "Best Choreography" VMA for Beyonce's Who Run The World? (Girls) video and has received an Emmy Nomination for "Outstanding Choreography in Television" for the opening sequence of the Image Awards Ceremony on Fox Television. 

For over 8 years Mr. Page has been a part of Beyonce's creative team and recently his work was featured on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and HBO special. In addition to his work on Fox Television's So You Think You Can Dance, he has created sequences for The Billboard Awards, World Music Awards, BET Awards and MTV Awards to name just a few. He was a member of the original award winning Broadway cast of Fela! and was choreographer for the hit Broadway musical Violet starring Sutton Foster. 

Mr. Page has most recently directed and choreographed the all Japanese version of Memphis, which won the Tony Award for Best Musical while on Broadway, and this is currently running and receiving glowing reviews in Tokyo, Japan. For the past 2 years Mr. Jeffrey Page has been a judge and on-air personality on one of Nigeria's top rated nationally and internationally syndicated television programmes, Maltina Dance All.


Jeffrey was awarded Honorary Membership on May 31, 2015 at our initial conference, DanCe flux 2015 at The University of Maryland. 



Asiel Hardison                   DanCe fluX 2016 Guest Artist

When Asiel Hardison gets in a zone he dances like no one is watching. Dancing is his life and his rhythm lies within his heartbeat. Growing up on the south side of Chicago in Beverly, Asiel’s grandmother exposed him to the performing arts as a young boy. “Taking me to shows as a young child really inspired me to get on stage myself,” says Asiel.  He got his start at ETA Performing Arts Center and learned all forms of dance. But he fell in love with dance when he saw Michael Jackson’s Bad video and has been dancing ever since. 

Dancing had become such an intense passion as a teenager; Asiel chose rehearsals over hanging out with friends. If practice makes perfect, then persistence leads to progression. By the time Asiel reached 21 he already received an abundance of recognition and knew dance was more than just a dream. It was his life. So he packed up and headed westward bound to L.A. in 2004 where he landed his first major gig choreographing an Afro-Cuban opening number for Gloria Estefan. Filming an iPod commercial, being a dance double for Bernie Mac in the movie Soul Men, and leading dance workshops are just a few bullets to take note of on his resume. 

If Asiel looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen him dancing along side of pop sensation Lady Gaga since 2008 as her dance captain. He was chosen as captain by world-renowned choreographer Laurieann Gibson. This was a dream come true. However, being a dreamer isn’t what got him to his dream – hard work, poise and passion did. “Laurieann assigned me as Lady Gaga’s dance captain after seeing my ability and work ethic in rehearsals for the FAME tour,” says Asiel.

Of course every success story has its roadblocks. As much as dance is his passion, Asiel speaks of the biggest obstacle he has overcome - doubt. “The biggest obstacle has been trusting my gift and knowing that if I put my heart into this passion that I will be satisfied.” He’s a versatile dancer, but there is a certain energy that Asiel brings to dancing; as if it’s a spirit.  There’s more to it than 5-6-7-8. Having the ability to tap into that spirit is what sets him apart from other dancers. “Dancing is my true love and therapy,” says Asiel. “I like to make you feel something when you watch, take you on a journey and tell you my story when I’m dancing.” His story is a story of humble success and is sure to be continued.

Asiel was awarded Honorary Membership on May 22, 2016 at our second annual conference, DanCe flux 2016 at The University of Maryland.